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  1. CrescentRose27

    CrescentRose27 Member

    Aug 29, 2017
    idk if any mods will take something like this seriously but this guy ''joked'' about kicking a cat and i find that offensive since animal abuse is nothing to joke about. he was also spamming asking the chat ''can i help build something'' over and over.'' let me know what you think if this needs to be looked at. the server is creative. thanks.
  2. EmeraldSakura

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    Minecraft account: Emerald_Sakura
    Apr 30, 2017
    Picture failed to upload and from the photo you sent me on fb action can be taken, but before anything we need the link of the photo to work and for you to put it in player reports here
    If you need any help reporting the player I'll come by sunday and I'll show you how to report players in case you see anyone else doing something again