Tutorial How to Create a Player Report

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    Hello! This thread is to explain how to create a player report on SquishyCraft's forums.

    Step One- Gathering Evidence

    In order for any action to be taken in a player report, evidence MUST be provided. You can screenshot your screen using F3 (Or your selected button). To record video evidence, download a program (Bandicam and OBS are easy to use free programs) and record from there. If the offense is chat related, make sure to provide /realname proof. Ranks that require realname proof are all survival ranks (including Member as players are able to purchase /nick), Mystics on Creative, Nova+ on Skyblock, Overlord+ on Factions, and Luxury+ on Prison. DO NOT crop or edit your evidence, as your player report will be denied.

    Step Two- Locating Your Evidence

    To locate your evidence, go to the main screen of Minecraft (or the menu activated by the ESC tab) and click on "Options".
    SC Options.PNG
    After you click on "Options", click on "Resource Packs".
    SC Resource Packs.PNG
    After clicking on "Resource Packs", click on "Resource Packs Folder".
    SC Resource Packs Folder.PNG
    After clicking on that, you will be redirected to a folder, and click on ".minecraft" (Note that this is on Windows 10, it may vary on other computers).
    After doing this, scroll down until you see the "screenshots" folder.
    SC SCreenies.PNG
    After clicking on this, locate the screenshot(s) that you will be reporting.

    Step 3- Uploading Your Evidence to Imgur

    For screenshotted reports, you have to upload your images to an image website. A commonly used website is called imgur, which works for screenshots only. If you want to create a video report, upload it to YouTube or another video site.

    First of all, search up "imgur" on your preferred searching browser. Then, click "Upload Images".
    SC Imgur.PNG
    After clicking on that, you will be shown a screen. Go to your MC Screenshots folder (Refer to Step 2 if you need help), and drag the screenshot(s) onto the screen.
    SC Imgur II.PNG
    Once the screenshots are dragged onto the screen, there will be an option to copy the link.
    SC Imgur Evidence.PNG

    Step 4- Creating the Report

    To create a report, log into your SquishyCraft forums account and scroll down to the "Player Reports" section.
    SC Reports.PNG
    After clicking on "Player Reports", click on the "Create Report" button on the top right corner of the screen. Once you click that, you will be directed to a blank form. You are required to fill out ALL of the parts of the form. Make sure to copy paste your evidence into the "Evidence" section! Here's what a finished report before submitting should look like.

    SC new template.PNG

    Once the report is fully filled out, click "Submit"! A staff member will look at your report momentarily.

    Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers.

    Q: Can I report a player using Discord, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other social media platforms?

    A: No. While you can send proof to the moderator using those platforms, you must create a formal player report (Uploading screenshots and copy pasting the link into the report is recommended).

    Q: What situations should I record a player instead of screenshotting the player?

    A: It is recommended if you record any offenses of hacking, griefing, and Flying in PVP. Screenshots usually do not give enough context in these situations.
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