it's about time i make an intro ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯

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    Jan 30, 2016
    now this has been a long time coming
    i've played minecraft for 5+ years and i've been playing on squishy since it's opened (so for 4 years)
    my previous IGNs were Stitch_Girl and kaylasfoxden (if you knew me with those hey how's it going)
    i love this community SO much; y'all have no clue how much this place helped me

    i found the server through callum as i was a massive fan back in 2014/2015
    don't get me wrong, i'll tune into a stream from time to time and watch a video here and there, but i grew out of most of the content uploaded. i'm interested in different things now =)

    i want to say most players now have no clue this item ever existed! only the real OGs will remember a bunch of people placing these on the ground thus removing the text from it LOL

    i was a survival child and i always will be ngl. vanilla minecraft is where i shine
    i barely went on creative and i easily get bored on skyblock oops
    my attention span is horrible and i don't have the patience to mine cobble from a generator for hours... i need a change of scenery every once in a while

    i think thats enough of my history with the server, so i guess it's time to talk about myself??
    i suppose for starters y'all can tell i have a habit of writing a lot for even the little things (sns about that)
    i'm very organized and tidy (i'm super triggered the picture in spoiler isn't centered >:I )
    i used to be super sarcastic and extremely pessimistic, now i'm sassy and very optimistic
    i like watching youtube; more specifically other gaming nerds like myself
    i'm a french canadian and i kinda picked up english from tv shows and english kids at my french school
    as far as my gender identity and sexuality goes, i don't see a point in conforming to societal norms and labels. i'm my own person and i don't see any point in explaining myself in these regards.
    i'm incredibly interested in all types of arts, especially visual arts
    my favourite classes i took in high school were photography and philosophy
    i like listening to music when i don't have much to do. i listen to a whole bunch of stuff, but mostly rock, metalcore or pop-rock
    my closet consists mostly of jumpers, hoodies and skinny jeans. also, the colour palette is mostly black and greys... i don't have many flashy colours in there
    i'm a very protective person and if you'd ask me if i'd jump in front of a bullet the answer is always yes
    i've had glasses since i was around 5 years old? so i've had some for 14 years yikes
    i've had an existential crisis since i was around the same age as i got my glasses (thus the reason i liked philosophy class)
    i'm quite forgetful if i don't write something down or complete a task right away
    i'm extremely clumsy. i broke my tooth on a locker door trying to grab some shoes .-.
    i procrastinate a lot, but i'm very
    i'm incredibly truthful and i absolutely hate when someone insists i'm lying or twist facts in their favour when they were in the wrong
    i love animals and i've had many pets. i currently have 2 dogs
    despite being an introvert, i like meeting and getting to know new people! though, i'm shy when at first, but pretty outgoing if we get really close
    i hate being the centre of attention

    i tend to help as much as i can when i'm online
    the only other server i play on other than squish is hypixel

    that's all i can think of myself, so if y'all wanna ask me anything go ahead =)
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    Jan 4, 2017
    hey! i remember someone having the ign "kaylasfoxden" c: had no clue it was you
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    Dec 3, 2015
    Your essay is late! You get a 0, sassy lady.