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    Hey all,

    This is a short post to update everybody about what's happening on the server - and what will be happening.

    I recently posted on the SquishyCraft Twitter asking people what they'd like to see changed on the server. It's been a few days & we got quite a few suggestions which I either already have implemented, or will be in the next day or two. More will be coming soon but it's too early for us to include it in a post.

    New Friends System (already done!)

    The server will be down today for ~15/20 minutes - this is so that we can implement a new friends system. The current one is slow, ugly & just doesn't do what we want it to do. The only downside to us switching is that you will lose all your current friends, however with the new system everything will be much smoother.

    Chat Tags (later today!)

    Chat Tags are cosmetic tags which appear before your name on each server. They are purchasable in our store for $4/tag, and work for every server. They are also available in crates. If you have any ideas for tags, feel free to suggest them. :)

    To choose a tag, use the command '/prefix' in-game.


    Various other bugfixes/issues that have been resolved:

    • I have removed many claims on the Survival server, mainly in SquishyTown. If anything else is to be removed please send me a PM.
    • Minecarts will now automatically despawn on Creative - stopping people from flooding roads/plots with hundreds of carts.
    • The scoreboard has now been added back to Skyblock.
    • Factions shop has been modified + more items have been added.

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